Disc Spring

Disc spring as per DIN2093
Ball bearing disc spring
DIN6796 conical spring washers
Serrated Safety Washers
Stainless steel disc spring
Material for disc spring

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Disc Spring
Disc Spring

Features of disc spring:

The characteristics of disc spring is "maximum force in minimum space".
Specification of conventional disc springs is as below:
OD: 8.0mm to 600mm
Thickness: 0.2mm to 40mm
Production as per the standard of DIN2093 and GB/T1972.
We also can customize the disc spring as per customer's requirements.
We also produce diaphragm springs and slotted disc springs.
Size as below:
OD: 20-500mm
ID: 10-250mm
Thickness: 0.2-5mm
Height: 2-30mm

More product picture of Disk Spring

SUS301(1.4310)disc spring
Disc Spring assembly used for Nuclear power
serrated safety washer DIN6796 spring washer
ball bearing disc spring-plain ball bearing disc spring-slotted
wave spring stainless steel disc spring-material PH15
stainless steel disc spring-3Cr13 Disc spring
OD500mm disc spring Helical disc spring
Inconel X750 disc spring Disc Spring With Ball Groove