End Fittings

Purpose of end fitting

Metal End Fittings are assembled to both the core rod for purpose of transmitting mechanical loads to the core,which are used for composite suspension、pin、post、cross arm insulators etc.

Main shape of end fitting

Ball end fittings, socket end fittings, pig , hook end fitting , clevis end fitting , tongue end fittings , thimble end fittings, hook eye-link end fittings etc.

End fittings material and standard

Metal end fittings are ductile iron in accordance with ASTM A536.all the surface of the end fittings to be exposed to environmental conditions are galvanized in accordance with ASTM A153.

End fittings Features: 1 2 3 4

plastic end fittings
Mini Gas Spring End Fittings
Metal Steel Eyes
metal ball joint connectors
Fat Blade End Fittings
u- clevis forks
u clevis forks
casting end fitting for gas spring