Locking Gas Springs

Locking Gas Spring For Massage Chair

Locking Gas Sring For Driver Seats

Locking Gas Spring Specification

A locking gas spring incorporates a mechanism to enable the rod to be locked at any point in its travel. This mechanism is actuated by a plunger that protrudes from the rod. When this plunger is depressed the rod is free to operate as normal. When the plunger is released, which may be at any point in the stroke, the rod is locked in that position. Shuangyuan offers three types of locking gas springs, which have the following characteristics when locked:

Flexible Good resistance to rod being pushed of pulled
Rigid in tension Rigid when rod is being pulled, high resistance to rod being pushed
Rigid in compression High resistance to rod being pulled, rigid when rod is being pushed

All three types of locking springs have the same locking mechanism. This locking mechanism operates when the plunger rod is depressed by opening a valve in the piston. When the plunger rod is released the valve closes and the passage of oil or gas is prevented, locking the piston in that position.

Release valve: Both flexible and rigid in tension gas springs can be supplied with a release valve, which allows the installer to reduce the force. This release valve also allows SY to easily and economically recharge the gas spring should too much gas be released.


STOP and LOCKING can be set at an arbitary postion by opening and locking the internal oil(gas).

  1. Easy operation
    Operation is easy since opening and locking can be done by pressing the valve pin.
  2. Smooth operation
    The movement is smooth because of an oil buffering function,and the low elasticity index providers pleasant feeling.
  3. Compact
    It is easy to install as it is light in weight due to its reduced length and compact external mirror.
  4. Simple installation:
    It is simple to install due to its convenient confiuration.

Application of Locking Gas Springs:

Office chair,Bus or Train chair,Hospital BED etc.

A Principle of operation:

It is possible to stop at any position and be locked by move of inner oil (gas) In case of having Free Piston

  1. Locking
    O/C/Pin shuts off oil+Gas and Piston is locked
  2. Unlocking
    When Valve Pin(Push Road)is pushed,Oil+Gas can move throgh Onifice pipe by opened O/C/Pin and Locd is released.Piston Rod is expanded by pressure of Gas but it is reduced by pushing force.
  3. Relocking
    When force is removed from Valve Pin(Push Road),O/C/Pin is locked and a state of (1) comes agian.

Locking Gas Springs

Manufacturing specs:
Type Cylinder(¢) Piston Rod(¢) Stroke(mm) Extender Length F1(N)
Lock 22 10 12-250 150-650 150N-1000N
28 10 12-250 150-650 150N-1000N
28 10 12-250 150-650 200N-1200N


Locking Gas Springs
Locking Gas Springs
Locking Gas Springs
Locking Gas Springs
Locking Gas Springs
Locking Gas Springs